A Real Treasure Hunt

This lovely old gentleman with hundreds of collectibles worth millions of dollars simply decided one day to bury a good lot of it so that someone else could have fun finding it.  Strange?  Well, if you leave near Santa Fe, New Mexico and you love the outdoors, you might take the day to try and find it.  Apparently since burying it three years ago, no one has come forth as having found it.

Reminds me of this joke video I saw once–these three guys buried a chest full of chocolate gold coins on a beach and then pretended to find it and dig it up with a crowd of people gathered around.  Think it was an April Fools Day thing.  But this treasure chest in Santa Fe, is literally no joke (so he says, 🙂 ).  To encourage your family to get away from the screens and the devices, take the kids on a hike and give ’em a little motivation for something more; you may just find that treasure.  Good luck!

Want to find his hidden treasure worth millions? Head outdoors – TODAY News.

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