Are Millennials a “Lost Generation”?

Are Millennials a “Lost Generation”? | Daily Ticker – Yahoo! Finance.

Read this article if you care about what generation will drive our economy in the future and what changes may take place.  I’m proud to be of the Millennial Generation stock, but at the same time, I can get angry too when I have to deal with what the world seems to dish out (or the lack of it for that matter).  I do feel “lost” at times because it’s very difficult to make something out of nothing.  But I know that things do turn around and I know that my college education will pay off in the long run, so I keep plugging along and jumping through the hoops to make sure my family is cared for.  The government doesn’t control the economy–you, me, your Uncle Joe, your cousin Sadie, that annoying neighbor next door, and the people you bump up against at the grocery–we control what our society and economy will become.  So never give up hope in your future.

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