3 Parenting Myths Debunked

Everyone…if you have children, don’t you just wish they would do what you say?!!  AHH!!  My little one is only 5 1/2 months old right now but I sure am “looking forward” to those days ahead when I just might scream because he won’t listen to me–even when I try to teach him so much out of love and patience.  Well, I have discovered a wonderful lady, Nicholeen Peck, who teaches parents how to teach their own children how to govern themselves.  I praise heaven that I have learned what I have before my son has grown.  Based upon Christian principles and simply following through, her methods are vital for all children to grow up in wonderful environments where they can learn for themselves how to be good.  And it’s SO much more than that.

The 1st key to self-government is to assess your actions continuously and use the power of calm.  If you want a better family relationship with your children, see my recommended link “Parenting and Family Support Catalog” along with Nicholeen’s site:  teachingselfgovernment.com

I also thought this article (link below) was fabulous too in preparing the mindset of how we as parents can evaluate our relationships with our children.

3 parenting myths debunked | ksl.com.

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