When pen meets paper, healing happens

We all get upset about things.  We all are frustrated over things we cannot control.  We all wish we had greater control over every aspect of our lives.  One thing we absolutely CAN control, is our reactions to something that has happened to us, no matter how large or small.  But it’s the hardest when we wish for something better than what we’re served.  How can we effectively get over the feelings of resentment over those undesirables?

Number one, pause . . . . and then focus on why you have chosen to react in such a manner.  Then sit down and write it out.  Make a vertical  list of all the things that are driving you crazy, that are eating at your insides, and those you wish you didn’t have to deal with.  Then next to each thing you’ve just silently vented about, write down what you, ONLY you, CAN do about that particular thing.  Most of the time you’ll find that you can do nothing, if anything, about your entire list.  This is actually a good thing!  Why?  Because it helps one realize that the emotions that are carried and buried and dealt with have no purpose or positive effect.  When we realize this, it becomes easier to deal with our emotions and to accept the fact that we CAN own up to our own attitudes about life’s trying things.

Now, for those things on your list that you DID find something you could do in order to help the situation–DO IT!  And then you’ll have some progress in a positive direction and you can feel relief over solving a problem or finishing a task!  Now, I’m no expert, but I’ve done this myself and it does have some merit.  Read some more here if you don’t believe the layman.  🙂

When pen meets paper, healing happens, experts say | ksl.com.


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