Two Year Study shows Vaccine Exposure is Not Associated with Autism

Ironically, today I took my son to his six month wellness visit where he received his round of boosters for every vaccine available for his age.  I gladly had them administered to him because I know that they may some day save his life.  Within the last hundred years of medical advancements, I’m not one to fully support every single drug out there on the market that claims it can cure this or that; but the ability we have to protect ourselves from a myriad of diseases is insurmountable!  Study upon study has shown the benefit of vaccines bolstering our immune systems to support the defense against deadly diseases and other illnesses and most insurance plans cover them all.  So why would anyone hesitate to receive them?  Here, another study has shown that the claim that autism is caused by vaccines is simply not true.  Please educate yourself and your loves ones for it may save their life one day.

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