What You Need When The Power Goes Out

One thing I insist on having in my home is a gas stove and a wood burning stove, if possible.  Because when the electricity fails, how are you going to cook?  You can’t live on protein bars forever.

My neighborhood is big on emergency preparedness and they regularly host seminars or training sessions for various situations that could affect our community.  No matter where you live though, having the power go out happens to everybody and it happens most often.

I’ve discovered a blog by a lady that has every emergency preparedness article you can think of and I pull ideas from her continually.  Here’s a complete list of what you need and/or what you should do when the power goes out.  Most of these suggestions stem from the worry about not having enough heat.  If the cold isn’t a problem, be sure to pack extra water to prevent dehydration.

Have a plan, make kits, review it with your kids, then you’ll have a greater peace of mind.

  1. keep windows and doors closed as much as possible
  2. close interior doors to rooms you won’t be using
  3. have a hand crank/solar powered radio
  4. multiple hand crank/solar powered flashlights
  5. glow sticks
  6. candles (only for outages, but never a natural disaster because of gas leaks)
  7. battery-powered clock
  8. an emergency kitchen, many possibilities here
  9. eat and drink hot foods
  10. raid your 72 hour kits
  11. dress in loose fitting layers
  12. generator fuel
  13. firewood
  14. batteries
  15. manual can opener
  16. detergents
  17. matches or lighters
  18. blankets and sleeping bags:  you’ll want to contain any body heat as much as possible, sleep in the same room, under a table draped with additional blankets
  19. tents:  can be pitched in your sleeping area to contain additional heat
  20. water supply
  21. DON’T drink alcohol or eat salty foods
  22. have plenty of canned goods
  23. close off unnecessary pathways with hanging blankets
  24. stuff rags and towels around door/window seams
  25. when the sun goes down, cover the windows with blankets or sheeting
  26. have some games and books available

What else do you think you’ll need when the power goes out?

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