50 Ways to Save Money

It’s amazing to me how so many people think that they can just spend, spend, spend and not be accountable for their decisions.  What drives our economy is what you and me and Joe & Suzy next door do with our money–not the government, not the banks, and not the millionaires …. we affect how this financial world moves around.

Here’s some things that can make a difference for your wallet that you maybe didn’t think about.

  1. budget (obviously!!)
  2. cut up the credit cards
  3. turn off the lights when you’re out
  4. double your recipes so you have leftovers
  5. pack your lunch (maybe from those leftovers)
  6. turn off the water when you brush your teeth or wash your hands
  7. use curtains to block the light instead of turning up the AC
  8. wear extra layers instead of turning up the heater
  9. use cold water to wash the laundry
  10. keep your AC set high in the summer (like upwards of 76-78 degrees)
  11. don’t buy bottled water
  12. air dry your clothing
  13. cancel your cable
  14. or if you can’t live without it, ask for certain loyal customer benefits like withdrawing the cable box rental charge
  15. tuck your extra change into a shoe box
  16. join Netflix or get movies through Redbox instead of going to the theatre
  17. watch TV online
  18. don’t pay for music, borrow CDs from the library and burn them for free
  19. skip satellite radio and use online radio like Pandora or Jango
  20. cancel that gym membership and use Mother Nature instead
  21. workout with friends using workout DVDs instead of local municipals that charge
  22. practice yoga, many studios have programs where you can practice for free for just cleaning up the studio each week
  23. try at-home antacids with baking soda
  24. if you have to use the gym, don’t join one with a contract
  25. have spa days at home, you can make a facial mask just with oats and honey
  26. use sites like Groupon to save off restaurants and movie tickets
  27. use at-home beauty remedies, like cucumbers to reduce inflammation
  28. visit farmer’s markets
  29. ditch delivery foods
  30. skip the ice cream shop
  31. buy the large containers of yogurt instead of individual servings
  32. use Dryel instead of taking your clothing to a dry cleaner
  33. make your own house cleaning products, such as vinegar and rubbing alcohol mixed with water
  34. don’t go to the nail salon
  35. forget waxing
  36. clothes swap with friends and neighbors
  37. visit discount retailers for clothes, such as Deseret Industries or Salvation Army
  38. clip coupons
  39. clean up your cell phone plan
  40. try a prepaid cell phone plan
  41. carpool to work
  42. ride the bus
  43. cut your cab costs by walking more or using apps like Gobicab so you can find people in your area with similar trips to share the cost with
  44. have potluck parties
  45. use your talents for gifts or simple maintenance
  46. color your own hair instead of going to the salon, or just appreciate your natural hair color altogether
  47. volunteer at the beauty schools for free hair and skin workups
  48. subscribe to publications instead of buying it at the checkout stand
  49. brew your coffee at home
  50. can’t give up Starbucks?  well, go less often or buy a smaller cup

There’s a saying that goes:  “Use it up, wear it out.  Make do, do without.”  Almost everything we think we ‘need’ can really be done without.


Are Millennials a “Lost Generation”?

Are Millennials a “Lost Generation”? | Daily Ticker – Yahoo! Finance.

Read this article if you care about what generation will drive our economy in the future and what changes may take place.  I’m proud to be of the Millennial Generation stock, but at the same time, I can get angry too when I have to deal with what the world seems to dish out (or the lack of it for that matter).  I do feel “lost” at times because it’s very difficult to make something out of nothing.  But I know that things do turn around and I know that my college education will pay off in the long run, so I keep plugging along and jumping through the hoops to make sure my family is cared for.  The government doesn’t control the economy–you, me, your Uncle Joe, your cousin Sadie, that annoying neighbor next door, and the people you bump up against at the grocery–we control what our society and economy will become.  So never give up hope in your future.

A Real Treasure Hunt

This lovely old gentleman with hundreds of collectibles worth millions of dollars simply decided one day to bury a good lot of it so that someone else could have fun finding it.  Strange?  Well, if you leave near Santa Fe, New Mexico and you love the outdoors, you might take the day to try and find it.  Apparently since burying it three years ago, no one has come forth as having found it.

Reminds me of this joke video I saw once–these three guys buried a chest full of chocolate gold coins on a beach and then pretended to find it and dig it up with a crowd of people gathered around.  Think it was an April Fools Day thing.  But this treasure chest in Santa Fe, is literally no joke (so he says, 🙂 ).  To encourage your family to get away from the screens and the devices, take the kids on a hike and give ’em a little motivation for something more; you may just find that treasure.  Good luck!

Want to find his hidden treasure worth millions? Head outdoors – TODAY News.

“Prosperity equals diligence over time, with discipline.”
–Dave Ramsey

It doesn’t matter if your definition of prosperity includes money, goals, health or family.  Whatever it is for you, if you’re diligent with it and consistent on a daily basis long term, you will start to prosper, according to what it means to you.

“Prosperity equals diligence over time, with discipline.”